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Bishop David’s Bible Challenge Lent 2011


 We all have favourite Bible passages; and we hear quite a bit of the rest in church week by week, but in small chunks and often without much sense of continuity. So it’s good from time to time to get to grips with the whole of its architecture, and soak ourselves in its big story of Creation, Redemption and the coming of the Kingdom.

This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, and so just now is a very good time indeed to have such a soak, and celebrate the gift of the Bible to us and the special gift it is to us when it is translated into our own native tongue.

So my challenge to you this Lent (or at some other suitable time in the year) is to join me in reading Round the Bible in 40 days, cover to cover, following the simple plan laid out here.

There is a short guide to put the books of Bible in context, and then day by day you can follow this Round the Bible Blog with specially commissioned daily reflections from ministers in our diocese. You can add comments or join in via the RTB40 Facebook page and Facebook group.  thoughts with each other and access other resources. You could also arrange to meet each week with other Round-the-Bible Readers. But the main thing is to keep going, to get into his story, the deep-down truth of history, and make it your story too.

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4 Responses

  1. How wonderful to walk along God,s highway
    and seek out Aaron to Zuriel those biblical

  2. Thank you so much Bishop David for challenging us to do this. It has been quite a marathon but so worthwhile to do. There is only one way to get an overview of scripture and that is to read it from cover to cover. For me what has really come across powerfully is all the different themes that run right through all the books, like the lettering down a stick of rock. I read The Message version and I was amazed at how often were the words ‘the message’ in the text. Yes, we do have a gospel to proclaim! So what is next? We cannot just leave it there…..

  3. What a great challenge and wondered if I would keep to it. But with minor exceptions I managed it on time. This cluded a trip to Spring Harvest with it’s theme of Route 66 – following the 66 books of the Bible.
    It has been helpful to capture an overview with it’s repititions and reinforcements of God’s way for us and wonderfully fulfilled through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.
    It has been a great challenge to rise to.

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