Day 10: 1 Samuel 10 – 2 Samuel 5

God did not want Israel to have a king. He was King of Kings and His ambassador, Samuel, spoke for Him and led His people as a judge, prophet and priest; but no, the people wanted a king and so God chose Saul.

Saul did his best but he was weak and impulsive, disobeying the Lord, seeking David’s destruction and taking on the role of priest without authority- he stopped listening to God.

The Kingship, therefore, very quickly passed to David, the greatest King Israel ever had – and whilst he loved the Lord he too was flawed. As we read about David’s vicious reaction against Nabor it is clear he could have hatred as well as love in his heart.

David succeeds despite his failings – Saul did not.

David enquired of the Lord before going out to fight and the Lord never failed him; in contrast Saul, when the Lord failed to answer him, turned to a medium for guidance – he turned away from God.

Kingship, as with every role comes with benefits and responsibilities and to reach our potential we have to listen to the Lord and be patient; strive to do His bidding. He is working his purpose out through us just as he did with Saul and David.

Carol Nicholas-Letch

Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


One Response

  1. That’s great Carol. Its made me think about the people God chose to be leaders, and how they all had flaws or weaknesses. What is important is that in weakness, we all need to turn to God for answers, not the world. As we see in these passages, those who continually sought God, in order to do His will, triumphed. Those who gave up on God, failed.

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