Day 11: 2 Samuel 6 – 1 Kings 6

It was only then that the two men drew their guns and fired. The first bullet caught Don Corleone in the back. He felt the hammer shock of its impact….*

Our excerpt for today reads like just like something out of The Godfather : a powerful dynasty in the making, betrayal by trusted allies, brutal sex, hired killers and turf war. A son takes the throne of his father by outsmarting his brother and then wreaks revenge upon the family’s enemies. We might ask ‘where is God amongst the treachery, the rapine and slayings?’

At the centre of The Godfather is greed and organised crime. At the centre of the dynastic struggle in Samuel>Kings are the people of Israel and their relationship with God. We start and finish with the Ark, designating the very presence of God. We begin as David brings the Ark up to Jerusalem, dancing before it. We end with the completion of the Temple in which the Ark is to be housed. David and Solomon both struggle to retain power and try to keep God in the box: Ark and Temple – a small box inside a bigger one. The result is mayhem.

When men and women try to constrain God’s will and bend it to their earthly benefit, they fail. Victory and mastery will be fleeting – corruption and death are on the pages which follow. Only by allowing God to rule their hearts, to come out of the box, will the people find the peace and contentment for which they yearn. God waits for us to release Him into our lives so that he can free us from our golden chains.

‘Joab says, tell the Don, Absalom sleeps with the fishes…’

*The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Wm Heinemann 1969

Matthew Bradbury

Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


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  1. Thank you Matt, that’s an incredibly dramatic and powerful analogy! Will be reading the passage later, but you’ve whetted my appetite!

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