Day 15: 2 Chronicles 3 – end

The central message of 2 Chronicles is the priority of the relationships between God, the king and the people. They are key to the success of the monarchy. Solomon certainly recognised that God worked through His people during a time of Unity.

God’s people built the temple for YAWEH on the site that David had chosen; the highest focal point of Jerusalem. This denoted respect for the God of their ancestors. The temple was large enough to accommodate them all and was built of the finest materials. It was coated with gold inside so that the lamp-light ‘danced’ as it reflected from the walls. It also had two huge golden angels to symbolically protect the Ark of the Covenant. Solomon was clearly well aware that awe and wonder are essential pre-requisites to the nurture of spirituality as they still are today.

To obtain the strong, sweet smelling, cedar and pine from Lebanon and the requisite craftsmen, Solomon had to re-establish good relationships with his neighbours, carefully ensuring that he held out a hand of friendship and generosity from a position of security.

Sadly many subsequent kings did not always recognise these essential points that underpinned the reigns of Solomon and David; unless they respected God’s laws, and ensured that the people did, they were unable to have a long life and establish peace and plenty within their territory.


Carole Crompton


Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


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