Day 19: Psalms 51 – 100

How easy it is to celebrate God by worship and devotion when things are going right.When things go badly it is somehow easier to forget God or blame him.Being human and fallible it takes a while for us to regain our faith if we think we have done nothing to deserve the downturn in our fortunes.Jesus was careful in his teachings not to promise us abundant happiness and rewards for our loyalty and faith in God.On the contrary,he told us that our joy was in our salvation, the reality of which would mean that we would have to pick up the burden of our own cross.

These psalms ascribed to King David and others ask for forgiveness,thank God for his goodness,call for deliverance from plotting enemies,strength,wisdom and consolation,but still praise God daily despite life’s problems, threats and dangers.

Others ask for deliverance from invaders but the common theme is worship.The Israelites had an awareness of the presence of God who cares for and rewards the faithfull but also admonishes and punishes disobedience.

The Venite( Psalm 95) and the Jubilate (Psalm 100) continue with the liturgical theme of worship and thankfulness for the glory and goodness of God.

John Chrisp

Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


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