Day 20: Psalms 101 – 150

Today’s section of our Read around the Bible continues the Psalmists’ roller coaster ride of ‘up one minute, down the next’. A whole life’s joys and pains condensed into a few pages.

Key words to reflect on are:

The love and faithfulness of God.

God’s law and justice.

The glory, majesty and righteousness of God.

Thanksgiving and praise.

There are a couple of quick revisions of Israeli history to refresh our memories of earlier readings.

In these Psalms one finds ‘Life in all its suffering and Praise in all its fullness’. In earthly terms diametrically opposed concepts inextricably linked by the Psalmist.

Elation and desolation. Life, real life, as we experience it on our journey of faith. And there is the rub – our experiences are the common lot of everyone, it is how we deal with such experiences which makes the difference to our personal journey.

If we can but hold on to that very last Psalm in our down moments as well as our joyful times then maybe our journey with God, and with our family, friends and neighbours, will reflect something of the love, glory and majesty of God.

Ann Brittain

Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


4 Responses

  1. Thank you Ann, espesially for the thought of desolation and elation on our own journeys. It reminded me of a saying I heard many years ago. “Crisis always leads to change, and how we approach the crisis will determine the change in us”. If our first reaction to a crisis is to grasp God’s hand, seek His grace, praise Him and thank Him for everything He has done for us in the past, the change in us will be upwards. If on the other hand we wallow in self pity, the change in us will be downwards. The sobering thought for me is that we can not stay in the same place when we face a crisis. So let’s determine, that by God’s grace, the change in us will only ever be upwards.
    Blessings in Jesus,

  2. Reading the Psalms these past few days has driven me back to a comment of Bonhoeffer’s I read some weeks ago about the experience of many who read the psalms of innocence, suffering and vengeance: “They can read and hear them as the prayer of another person, wonder about them, be offended by them, but they can neither pray them themselves nor expunge them from the Holy Scriptures.” (Bonhoeffer, Life Together).

  3. Hear Ye, Something New!
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 11/14/09

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!
    What the herald has to say,
    The Day of the Lord is come,
    It’s called: In That Day.

    With God all things come in three,
    On this we are agreed,
    We have two testaments now,
    A third one is in need.

    What shall we call this testament,
    After Old and New?
    Get thyself imbued and call it,
    Testament You.

    First Testament of animal sacrifice,
    Second of Second Adam,
    Third Testament of your own sacrifice,
    Spirit blood born again.

    What is this Testament You?
    Is it Isaiah’s new thing of God?
    It’s quick-come behold: Christ-in-you!
    In humility, never proud.

    I salute the God in you,
    The You Testament has us say,
    No more proud grandee funding,
    Shenanigan dark logic goes away.

    In God’s life, liberty and happiness,
    We see saints of the past,
    Pointing toward In That Day,
    God come full at last!

    Can we put a finger on it,
    And say, Lo here or there?
    No we can’t, we’re not in charge,
    Humble servants to God bear.

    What if the herald,
    Is a scallywag with no credentials?
    As heralds before,
    Old and New made You essentials.

    Good God! we can’t believe it,
    Something happening now!
    Saints have prayed two-thousand years,
    Don’t be surprised how.

    Don’t be surprised the thousand pieces,
    Of In That Day fit seamless,
    You are part of God’s grand design,
    Don’t dare believe God theme-less.

    Behold In That Day,
    A new thing indeed,
    Grandees won’t support,
    Non-support of greed.

    Behold a new You Testament,
    Like others: in page, poem and man,
    Behold the restoration of,
    All things, like when it all began.

    Here ye, hear ye, hear ye!
    Ignore this not,
    Don’t despise small beginnings,
    Or you will be forgot.

    Something new has happened,
    Now under the sun,
    Lose lies, gain truth, love God,
    Oh, indwelt one.

    Read the page, read the poem,
    Read your spirit clan,
    Salute the God in page, poem,
    And hardest of all: man!

    See with eyes to see,
    See as do the blessed pure in heart,
    God isn’t finished,
    No children, this is just the start!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this poem. I just love the concept of the ‘You Testament’!

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