Day 26: Jeremiah 19 – 48

Jeremiah & others write about some of the most dramatic events in history when Jerusalem itself was destroyed by the Babylonians – in 587 BC – when thousands were killed, when many escaped into the hills and the people of Judah went into exile.

The book is written in the exilic time for exiled people in both Babylon & Egypt as the people of God were asking themselves questions: Why has God allowed this terrible fate to happen to us? Has He abandoned us? Will we ever get back home?

Into this situation the preaching of Jeremiah is courageous and relevant to what was going on in the actual lives of the people.

Some of the themes of his preaching:

1 Admit your need! The exiles went through a reflective period and a great majority of them came to realise that it was their own actions which put them into this position – a most uncomfortable admission but an important one!

2 Hope through Judgment! Judgment now rather than later! Chapters 30-33, for example, are teeming with reassurances of hope and restoration, with great & precious promises – for the present & future – following the realisaton of their errors and personal & collective repentance.

3 Practise what you preach! Jeremiah was not afraid to seek the council of the Lord, to take the physical and mental suffering which went with an honest presentation of God’s word to his hearers and to learn much in the process!

Graeme Walker

Read the Bible on line at Bible Study Tools. Today’s passage (NRSV) is here:


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