Now what?

Congratulations to everyone who has been part of our journey, writing reflections and reading along with us. An RTB40 Certificate can be downloaded here: no cheating now! If you’d a personally signed one, just drop me an email at and I’ll post it out.

I’ve been thrilled with the way in which people have rallied round the idea, writing for me, accepting Bibles to read, posting comments, and all the rest. Do continue to post comments on the blog or Facebook as to what RTB40 has meant for you.

After Easter I aim to reshuffle the blogsite to set the material up to be used in any 40 day period. I am also considering putting the reflections into a booklet form for easy dowload and use independently from the internet. Do let me know if you have thoughts about how things should develop or not.

I have accepted quite a number of speaking and preaching engagements along the lines of  “The Bible Then and Now”, with various blends of material covering the history and language of the King James Bible, developments in Bible translation over the years, what the Bible means to me personally, how we could study and use it now – and so on. If you’d like me to come and support an initiative in your locality, I’d love to come and help if I can. Again – an email is the easiest way to make contact.

Have a VERY happy Easter. Alleluia!


3 Responses

  1. I can now join in your Alleluia! having caught up, leaving Revelation to tomorrow. I’ve driven my family to distraction with my determination to complete this “task”. I feel a re-connection with God through Jesus Christ as a result of this reading of the scriptures. The Old Testament was truly a trial of faith; and the joy and hope of New Testament was well worth the wait.
    As a worship leader in my church, I feel enthused, renewed and full of ideas for injecting our worship with new ideas based on this scriptural journey; a journey which I will ensure does not stop here.
    My prayers are with you for your concluding gathering tomorrow.
    Thank you for this initiative, I’ll watch out for others of a similar nature in the future.

    Wishing you and your diocese a very blessed Easter!


  2. Congratulations to all who completed the challenge. Today was a wonderful end to a wonderful journey through the Bible. Charlotte and myself would like to thank every one who made the last read such a blessed event.
    Our prayers are with you all
    Happy Easter.

  3. It was lovely to meet all those who made it to the Cathedral this morning and thank you, Lesley-ann and Charlotte for having the idea in the first place!

    Now, what shall we do next year……………. ?!

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