The Revd Dr Philip Jenson, lecturer in Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge shares some ideas below on bringing the Bible to life in the church. If you have further suggestions of practical tips or useful weblinks please email the Diocesan Communications Officer 1.Make the Bible readings in services unmissable ◦Train your readers to be excellent readers ◦Use several voices in reading multi-voice texts ◦Accompany a reading with a mime ◦Be creative in introducing the OT + NT passages: Put them in their larger context 2.Memorise the Bible ◦Encourage the congregation to memorise texts and passages (review it the next week) ◦Set up a competition to memorise and perform a Psalm/parable/dramatic or poetic passage 3.Recover the Psalms ◦Preach on a Psalm ◦Design a service of Psalms ◦Explore the many different ways to read or sing the Psalms ◦Point out when there is a Psalm behind a chorus or hymn ◦Encourage congregations to read a Psalm a day 4.Retell the grand narrative of the Bible ◦Arrange a ‘walk through the Bible’ day ◦Organize a corporate reading through of selected key passages representing the biblical grand narrative in an evening ◦Set up a Sunday School project for a season to portray key stages in the Bible grand narrative in picture and text ◦Display the results during a service e.g. all around the church 5.Imitate the Bible creatively ◦Teach what goes into a characteristic biblical genre, and then invite the congregation to imitate ◦e.g. a psalm of praise, a better proverb, a prophetic oracle of judgement, a Pauline prayer ◦Share the best results in the parish magazine or in a service 6.History of the Bible ◦posters on translations before and after ◦key texts in different translations ◦testimonies to the power of the Bible in lives ◦gospels/selected Psalms to take away ——————————————————————————– Useful Links Reading the Bible aloud – audio by Clifford Warne Memorise the Bible Recover the Psalms – how to understand them – three ways to sing the Psalms Retell the grand narrative History of the Bible – classic essay by C.S. Lewis – for comparing different translations


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  1. Have followed the Lent bible reading plan at home. Great sense of achievement and stillness finishing Revelation slightly but approrpiately late on evening of Easter Day. Had read complete Bible over course of a year about 20 years ago but doing is so against tight timescale and in large chunks brought particular values eg. Paul’s struggles to explain the impact of the resurrection, Matthew and Peter’s closeness, the depth of spirituality in the Psalms and David’s contribition, God’s way vs. the world held through the faithful remnant down centuries of Jewish history. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much for the Round the Bible lent challenge>it was sometimes quite hard going but I mostly kept to the schedule and it was great to have an overview of the whole purpose of God.

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